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The AUC tutoring team

Results: 21 - 38 of 38
Results: 21 - 38 of 38
  • Mazurski, Lara
    Mazurski, Lara
    21 Mar 2018
    Lara Mazurski is a lecturer and tutor at AUC. Mazurski is a PhD candidate at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA), University of Amsterdam (UvA) in the department of Literary Studies.
  • Michael McAssey
    McAssey, Michael (Ph.D.)
    1 Sep 2012
    Michael McAssey teaches Statistics for Sciences, Basic Research Methods and Statistics, Advanced Research Methods and Statistics, and Calculus at AUC, where he also serves as a tutor.
  • O Nueallian, Breanndan
    O Nualláin, Breanndán
    1 Sep 2012
    Breanndán Ó Nualláin teaches computer programming and has special responsibility for the development of computing throughout the AUC curriculum.
  • Pineu, Daniel
    Pinéu, Daniel (Dr.)
    13 Sep 2019
    Daniel Pinéu is a Lecturer and Tutor at AUC, where he teaches the courses Violence & Conflict, International Crimes, International Relations in Theory & Practice, and European and International Institutions.
  • Port, Angelika (MA.)
    1 Sep 2012
    Angelika Port teaches Logic, Argumentation Flow, and Information.
  • Riphagen, Marianne, Amsterdam University College, Tutor
    Riphagen, Marianne (Dr.)
    2 Sep 2019
    Dr. Marianne Riphagen is AUC's Head of Studies Academic Core since August 2019.
  • Dee Roytenberg Amsterdam University College,AUC Dee Roytenberg,Amsterdam University College Faculty Sciences,AUC Sciences Dee Roytenberg
    Roytenberg, Dee (Dr.)
    21 Aug 2017
    Dee Roytenberg teaches Partial Differential Equations, Calculus, Linear algebra and Basic Research Methods and Statistics (BRMS) at AUC.
  • Salor, Erinc
    Salor, Erinç (Dr.)
    6 Apr 2021
    Dr. Erinç Salor is AUC's Head of Studies Humanities.
  • Schalkwijk, Daan van
    Schalkwijk, Daan van (Dr.)
    18 Nov 2019
    Daan van Schalkwijk is a tutor at AUC and teaches in the theme course "Introduction to Health and Well-being" as well as coordinating the third-year theme course “Wicked Challenges in Health”.
  • Schoenberger, Janna update
    Schoenberger, Janna (Dr.)
    16 Jun 2020
    Janna Schoenberger has taught Periods and Genres: Modern, Introduction to Visual Methodologies, The Photograph as Socio-Political Document, and Global Modern and Contemporary Art at AUC.
  • Schraven, Minou
    Schraven, Minou (Dr.)
    19 Aug 2020
    Dr. Minou Schraven teaches art history and museum studies at AUC and is a research fellow at the Amsterdam Centre for Religious History, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
  • Schut, Melvin (Dr.)
    Schut, Melvin (Dr.)
    5 Mar 2018
    Melvin L. Schut teaches "Theme Course: Political Science, Law, Economics", "Classical and Modern Political Thought" and "The Politics of Modernity." In previous years he has also taught "European and International ...
  • Smulders, Casper Olaf (MSc)
    21 Aug 2020
    Casper Olaf Smulders is a Lecturer and Tutor at AUC, where he teaches the theme course Information, Communication, and Cognition, and The Empathic Brain course.
  • Tans, Olaf
    Tans, Olaf (Dr.)
    1 Sep 2012
    Olaf Tans teaches the courses Legal & Social Philosophy and Law & Society at AUC.
  • Tavecchio, Lotte
    Tavecchio, Lotte (Dr.)
    11 Sep 2015
    Lotte Tavecchio is the coordinator of the Academic Writing Skills and Advanced Research Writing courses at AUC and also teaches both courses.
  • Verheggen, Bart
    Verheggen, Bart (Dr. Ir.)
    1 Sep 2012
    Bart Verheggen teaches System Earth, Atmospheric Chemistry and the third year theme course Energy, Climate and Sustainability.
  • Zanstra, Ydwine (Dr.)
    Zanstra, Ydwine (Dr.)
    3 Nov 2019
    Ydwine Zanstra teaches Basic Research Methods and Statistics I and II and Psychology at AUC.
  • Zonnveveld, Cor
    Zonneveld, Cor (Dr.)
    1 Sep 2012
    Cor Zonneveld teaches Introduction to Biology, Ecology from Soil to Society, Basic Research Methods and Statistics I, the life science part of Big Questions in Science, and the evolution part of the theme course ...