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Educational Innovation

Educational Development Initiatives and Innovations in Teaching at AUC

Educational Development Initiatives (EDI)

Since 2018, a wide range of professionalisation and teaching innovation projects have been supported at AUC under the broad label of Educational Development Initiatives (EDIs). These projects have been of great value in providing opportunities for development (of colleagues, the curriculum, our teaching) and have involved students centrally in many of the activities. Student-led initiatives may also be considered for this funding, provided their projects have named academic advisors.

Selected examples of EDI's

Results: 1 - 4 of 4
Results: 1 - 4 of 4
  • Flipped classroom EDI
    Flipping the Classroom: students teaching students
    7 Jan 2021
    This EDI saw AUC students working together with logic courses coordinator Dora Achourioti to create a number of videos to be used as supplementary material for teaching the first-year Academic Core course "Logic, ...
  • Innovating 'Logic, Information, Argumentation': A Blended Learning Experience
    7 Jan 2021
    This EDI took the form of a two-year-long project aimed at digitising a substantial part of AUC’s first- year Academic Core course "Introduction to Logic, Information, Argumentation."
  • Research in theoretical physics, mathematical physics, or philosophy (URP)
    1 Dec 2020
    This EDI took the form of an Undergraduate Research Project (URP) which provided research opportunities to a group of ten AUC students in the areas of theoretical physics, mathematical physics and/or philosophy.
  • The Emotional Turn in Contemporary Public and Academic Debates
    11 Dec 2020
    Since October 2019 and throughout 2020-2021, Amsterdam University College serves as a venue for a series of academic events focused on an amazing and highly sensitive dimension of human existence: the realm of ...