31 March 2017

Ucbooks.nl (formerly aucbooks.com) is a digital platform where students can trade their textbooks and connect with peers taking the same courses. Created as a class project by an AUC student, the idea was a response to the unofficial channels that were being used to exchange books, which had become largely disorganised and impractical. Students were losing time endlessly scrolling through posts or leaving it up to chance that the right person was posting the right book, at the right time. It had also become difficult to find people who had taken a certain course in case other students had questions about the materials or course content. On ucbooks.nl, all the buyers and sellers are now neatly organised in a single directory, making it easy to find the correct books and those selling them. By creating a single marketplace, it has also encouraged fair, more transparent pricing as users can see the price others have paid for the same book. Due to its success at Amsterdam University College, ucbooks.nl has recently taken steps to expand to University College Utrecht, and there is a planned release for Erasmus University College in Rotterdam as well.

Published by  Amsterdam University College