4 September 2015

Developed by a group of AUC students in 2015, Sharood (think 'share-food') is an app that connects people in the same area by matching those who are cooking with those who are hungry. The developers sought to make the idea of sharing food a routine. However, to do this, there had to be a system in place to ensure fairness and a balance in terms of those who cook and those who eat. This is where Sharood comes in through their virtual "currency" system appropriately called Cookies. Users trade Cookies based on how elaborate a dish or meal is, ranging from one to five. The Cookies somebody earns by cooking allows that person to eat at someone else's house for free, creating a cycle of sharing. In this way, Sharood capitalises on the innovations within the developing shared-economy, not only as a way of being cost-effective, but also as a way to build a community through a common medium - food!

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The team behind Sharood

Published by  Amsterdam University College