Decowski, Patrick (Prof. Dr.)

1 September 2012

Patrick Decowski teaches Astroparticle Physics at the AUC. He is an experimental physicist with a strong interest in dark matter detection and determining neutrino properties. He is currently pursuing these interests with the XENON dark matter detectors in Gran Sasso, Italy and with the KamLAND(-Zen) neutrino experiment in Kamioka, Japan. He is a Professor at the University of Amsterdam with a joint position at the Nikhef institute for subatomic physics. Patrick Decowski received his Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Nuclear and Particle Physics. He then spent eight years at UC Berkeley continuing his interests in (astro-)particle physics. He moved to Amsterdam in 2009 and can usually be found at Nikhef, right next to the AUC building.

Published by  Amsterdam University College