Bouwers, Ardi

12 February 2014

Ardi Bouwers teaches Chinese Studies at AUC. She is a Sinologist, a journalist and owner of the consultancy China Circle. She also teaches the course Emerging China, for the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies at the University of Amsterdam. In the early 80s she studied Sinology at Leiden University and Nanjing University. In the past 30 years she has seen China develop from an inward-looking communist country to the world power that it is today. She is especially interested in China’s media, politics, international position and use of soft power. She also has in-depth expertise and experience in the field of the international media industry, and particularly on the rise of social media in China. As deputy editor-in-chief of Radio Netherlands Worldwide she has led various editorial teams and projects in China, Indonesia, Africa and the Middle East. She is an expert on cross cultural management and communication.