AUC lecturer publishes edited volume on Aristotle with Springer Nature

5 March 2018

AUC/UvA lecturer and tutor Dr. Emma Cohen de Lara, in cooperation with Dr. René Brouwer (UCU/UU), recently published the edited volume "Aristotle’s Practical Philosophy. On the Relationship between his Ethics and Politics". The volume critically addresses to what extent politics for Aristotle is, or can be, an ethical endeavour.

Unity-thesis vs. separation-thesis

The chapters in the volume are written by key scholars who either defend the unity-thesis, emphasising the centrality for Aristotle’s thinking about politics of questions about human happiness and the common good, or the separation-thesis, emphasising Aristotle’s sense of realism in understanding the need for political solutions to the ethical failing of human beings. The chapters share a common appreciation of the relevance of Aristotle’s writings to contemporary discussions about the relationship between ethics and politics.

A product of research and education at AUC

Aristotle’s Practical Philosophy is the product of an expert meeting held at Amsterdam University College as part of the 300-level course Ancient Philosophical Texts. As part of the expert meeting, a group of twelve scholars from a range of disciplines – philosophy, law and political science – were invited to reflect, together with students, on the relationship between ethics and politics in Aristotle’s writings.

Drafts of the papers were circulated in advance, allowing students to prepare critical questions and comments. According to the editors of the volume, the project is a good example of how research and undergraduate education can go hand-in-hand.  The published volume is an ideal text that may be used as secondary literature in courses on ancient philosophy. For more information about the book and how to order it, please visit the link below. 

Published by  Amsterdam University College