Model United Nations conference to take place at AUC

29 January 2018

During the weekend of 13-15 April, Amsterdam University College will be the host venue for international delegates from all over the world. AUCMUN (Amsterdam University College Model United Nations) is a conference organised by an AUCSA student committee that provides a platform for university students to interact, debate, create resolutions and form long-lasting friendships in a cosmopolitan city.

AUCMUN Building

Diplomacy through practice at AUC

Delegations from France, Spain, Turkey, Canada, Afghanistan will join other international delegates and AUC students in the academic building for AUCMUN. AUCMUN 2018 will be the third and largest edition of the conference thus far, with a total of 215 university students gathering to discuss important issues including: humanitarian aid in Yemen, the issue of female genital mutilation, ethnic cleansing, the North Korean nuclear threat and the imprisonment of journalists, amongst others.

Delegates will not only engage in meaningful debate together, but will also learn the protocols and procedures used in the United Nations. On Saturday night, AUCMUN will host a grand Diplomat’s Dinner, inviting all delegates to sit down for a meal together in a more festive atmosphere.

Amsterdam University College Model United Nations Conference

International MUN network

AUCMUN has partners throughout the Netherlands and Europe. Conferences and MUN organisations in The Hague, Utrecht and Moscow have teamed up with AUCMUN as a partner conference, ensuring meaningful cooperation and mutual gain.

The organising team behind AUCMUN consists of 18 motivated AUC students, who are keen to look beyond borders and search for new possibilities. This year’s conference is unique in its size, diversity and low delegate fee, which is made possible by the effort of the organising team, and the support from Amsterdam University College as a host.

Published by  Amsterdam University College