AUC student Khaled Tamimy wins ECHO Award

3 October 2017

On Friday, 29 September, third-year AUC student Khaled Tamimy was announced as one of the four winners of the ECHO Award 2017. Tamimy was selected as the winner of the Beta Techniek Award based on his ability to excel at his studies in math and sciences while also bringing attention to, and acting to address, issues of diversity and inclusion in higher education.

ECHO Awards and selection procedure

The ECHO Award is a prize awarded to excellent students with a multicultural background in the Netherlands. The award is given by the Expertisecentrum Diversiteitsbeleid (Centre for Diversity Policy) in higher education. Their mission is to recognise and support the accomplishments of students with a non-Western background in the Netherlands who are making a distinguished impact at their institution or in their community. The goal of the ECHO Award is to put a spotlight on the individual successes of these students.

To be eligible for an ECHO Award, a student must be nominated and meet certain criteria, including receiving excellent grades, being considered a “bridge-builder”, contributing to a richer multicultural society and displaying leadership, entrepreneurial, resilience or other admirable qualities. In order to make the selection, six independent jury members meet and examine the nomination applications of the students. In 2017, from the original pool of 28 nominations, 13 were selected for the following round which consisted of presentations by the candidates to the jury discussing themselves, what the award would mean to them and their future ambitions. From these finalists, four were selected as the winners. These individuals will go on to join the ECHO Ambassadors network and attend a summer school at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

Echo Award 2017

Khaled Tamimy’s message of diversity recognition and inclusion

AUC student Khaled Tamimy was one of these four students selected as a winner of the ECHO Award 2017. A third-year Sciences major, Tamimy is studying a mix of subjects in mathematics, physics and computer sciences. A very active participant in the AUC community, Tamimy has been a major contributor to the recently founded Diversity Outreach (DO) group, and works as a project manager and tutor for Stichting Diversity.

As well as being an exceptional student, it was not only Tamimy's engagement in discussions about diversity that impressed the jury, but also the way he put those ideas into action. They commended Tamimy on how he was able to turn the discussion of difficult themes related to diversity and inclusion in higher education into constructive dialogue that resulted in concrete proposals, activities and community involvement. Additionally, the jury report notes how they valued the way Tamimy was able to effortlessly bridge the gap between the worlds of maths and sciences, and his involvement in social debates on diversity and building more inclusive institutes of higher education.  

Summer course at UCLA

In addition to joining the prestigious group of ECHO Ambassadors, part of the ECHO Award is spending a summer studying at the University of California, Los Angeles. During his time there, Tamimy seeks to learn how the institute has created a strong emphasis on diversity and translated this into widespread actionable policies.

AUC would like to especially congratulate Khaled on his accomplishments and for his contributions to the community.

Published by  Amsterdam University College