AUC launches AUC 21 five year strategy

6 September 2017

On Thursday, 24 August, Amsterdam University College launched a living document detailing its strategy and vision for the next five years. Dean of AUC, Prof. Dr. Murray Pratt, presented the first version of the report during the annual faculty kick-off meeting.

Discussions on the future of AUC

The result of more than a year of discussions and planning, AUC21 aims to position the college as a leader in delivering high quality undergraduate honours education in the Liberal Arts and Sciences. Rather than a radical rethink, AUC21 seeks to recognise the strengths that AUC has already demonstrated and channel this energy into improving the curriculum further, developing AUC’s reputation and driving innovation in educational delivery.

The project began in April 2016 with informal group discussions surrounding topics and themes relevant to AUC, its students, its faculty and staff, and its stakeholders. Prominent themes included the Student Experience, the Curriculum, AUC’s relationship to its home in Science Park and the role of the institute within the city of Amsterdam.

Ideas that emerged from these discussions were presented to the International Advisory Board in a strategic report in June 2016. These ideas have been further distilled into actionable areas in order to ensure that AUC remains an attractive study destination for the best and brightest, develops and expands global learning opportunities for its students, and creates a sustainable framework through a clearly articulated vision.

Bringing AUC 21 to the public

By releasing AUC 21 as a living document, AUC and its management team hope to receive enthusiastic support from students, colleagues, governing and advisory bodies, and other stakeholders in implementing the new approach to strategy. Many of the action points found in AUC 21 are already underway in order to hit the targets laid out. Some actions and targets may shift with time and further discussions.

AUC Student Council reacts positively

Throughout the AUC 21 discussions and development, student input was a high priority. The Student Council for the 2017-2018 school year has received the release of the first version of the AUC 21 document positively. While none of the current student council were directly involved in the initial discussion phases, they will be working closely on implementing action points in the document, including those affecting curriculum and student experience.  

“The open mindedness to change and strong ambition for better development explained in the document clearly reflect just how special a place it is,” says Suzanne Boer, the AUC Student Council Secretary. “We study in an incredibly creative environment, where new ideas are always welcome and continuously forming into innovative projects, shared not only between students, but also with the staff and faculty, creating the strong, diverse community we may so rightly boast of.”

They are particularly excited about the push towards the strengthening of AUC’s interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning. They feel that students in the 21st century must seek education that will provide the necessary skill-set to be prepared for a continuously evolving world.

“The deep reflection on innovative teaching methods in AUC 21 proves just how the school will continue to strive to bring us the necessary experiences and learning that stand outside of the box, fitting to our future tasks and roles,” says Boer.

Read the first version of AUC 21

AUC 21: Our community’s vision for excellence, diversity and global citizenship is available to view via the link below.

Published by  Amsterdam University College