Fourteen AUC science students visit CERN

15 February 2017

On Friday, 20 January 2017, a group of 14 students from Amsterdam University College visited CERN, the largest particle accelerator in the world, in Geneva, Switzerland.

Amsterdam University College visits CERN 2017,AUC experience

Personal tour from an AUC alumna at CERN

The trip was part of the 300-level course Mathematical Methods in Physics. AUC alumna Emma Winkels (Class of 2012), who is now conducting research for her PhD in particle physics at CERN, joined the group for the visit and offered them a tour around the facilities. The students were able to go down to the ATLAS detector, which is 100 metres underground.

The students also found it very helpful to speak to Emma Winkels about her experience in physics after finishing her study programme at AUC. Winkels went on to study theoretical physics in Durham University in the UK, after which she joined the physics department at the University of Sussex, where she is currently working on her PhD in particle physics as part of the boosted ttH group at CERN.

Amsterdam University College Visits CERN 2017

Cooperation between AUC and Nikhef

The trip to CERN was generously sponsored by Amsterdam University College and Nikhef.

Nikhef is the National Institute for Subatomic Physics. Their research is aimed at particle and astro-particle physics. Scientists and technicians work together on research on the smallest building blocks of matter and the forces that act between them. These minuscule particles are studied in collision processes using large particle accelerators, including those of CERN near Geneva, as well as in interactions of high-energy cosmic particles in the Earth's atmosphere or in seawater.

Amsterdam University College visits CERN 2017

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