AUC a top rated liberal arts and sciences programme for 2017

2 December 2016

Amsterdam University College is proud to announce that it has been awarded a top rating designation by the Keuzegids Universiteiten 2017.

Top programmes in the Netherlands

University programmes in the Netherlands that receive a top rating designation means that they belong to the best study programmes in the country according to the Keuzegids. In total, just 59 study programmes in the Netherlands receive this title.

Since 1988, the Keuzegids has served as one of the only independent consumer guides that compares the quality of all national degree programmes in the Netherlands. Their research methodology includes consulting not only the students in the degree programmes themselves, but also independent experts and groups to offer a holistic comparison of diverse aspects of a study programme, from the quality of teaching staff to classroom facilities and more.

The annual publication uses the national Studiekeuzedatabase as the basis for its ranking. This database draws upon a variety of sources, including the Nationale Studentenenquete 2016 (NSE, one of the largest surveys of student opinions in the Netherlands), evaluations of expert panels such as the Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO)  and the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU), amongst others.

For 2017, all nine University Colleges received a top rating designation, receiving a 76 or above on the index (out of 100).      

AUC as top rated programme 2017

AUC once again received a "++" rating and increased its index score to 82/100, meaning the programme ranks among the very best in the country and can feature the ‘Top Rated Programme’ seal on the website and in study material. AUC ranked especially high in the “skills” (including argumentation, problem solving and communication), “teaching quality” and “expert opinion” categories. 

The Keuzegids Bachelor 2017 is published by the Centre for Higher Education Information ( Centrum Hoger Onderwijs Informatie, or C.H.O.I.).

Published by  Amsterdam University College