AUC students on winning team of quiz show 'University Challenge'

3 October 2016

The finale of the Dutch television show University Challenge (Universiteitsstrijd) aired on 30 September 2016, which saw the University of Amsterdam team defeat Leiden University in an exciting conclusion of 130 points to 105. Of the three members of the University of Amsterdam team, two were third-year AUC students: Sezgi Iyibilir and Tim Moolhuijsen. Along with the third member of the team, Boas van der Putten, they have been featured on the NPO2 programme since early September.

Month long quiz show on Dutch television

In the University Challenge, students form teams of three to represent their school against a team of three from a different university in a trivia competition. The students answer questions drawn from the sciences, social sciences and humanities, earning points for giving the correct answer. The team with the most points at the end of the episode is declared the winner.

The University of Amsterdam team competed against teams from eight other Dutch research universities including: VU Amsterdam, TU Eindhoven, University of Groningen, Leiden University, Utrecht University, University of Twente and Erasmus University.

Team UvA to the final

The road to the final was certainly not easy for the University of Amsterdam team. After qualifying in the group stage, UvA was first matched up against a tough Utrecht University team. In the final against Leiden, the contest remained exciting right up until the last question. After answering the final question correctly, Team UvA took home the University Challenge trophy, scholarship of 2.500 EUR and the honour of calling themselves the “smartest university in the Netherlands”. 

AUC students on both UvA and VU teams

Tim and Sezgi are both currently participating in semester abroad programmes in the US and Mexico respectively.  At AUC, Tim is a third year sciences major and Sezgi is a third year social sciences major. Both are actively involved in the AUC student community and served on the board of the AUC Student Association in 2015-2016; Tim as secretary/vice-chair and Sezgi as a committee affairs officer. 

AUC was also well-represented throughout the challenge. In addition to Tim and Sezgi, second-year AUC student Maria Bianka Lojanica was part of the VU Amsterdam team as the beta specialist.

AUC would like to congratulate Tim, Sezgi and Maria on their accomplishments!

UvA wins University Challenge

Photo courtesy of NTR

Published by  Amsterdam University College