AUC Open Days and Bachelor Days 2016-2017

28 September 2016

Interested in applying to AUC? Looking to learn more about what a liberal arts and sciences programme entails? By visiting an Open Day or Bachelor Day, you'll have the chance to ask questions to current students, experience sample lectures, meet and discuss various fields of study with faculty, tour the dorms and experience what it's like to live and learn in at an international residential college in Amsterdam!

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UvA Bachelor's Day 29 October 2016  
VU Amsterdam Bachelor's Day 5 November 2016  
AUC Open Day 12 November 2016  
AUC Open Day 14 January 2017  
VU Amsterdam Bachelor's Day 11 February 2017 Register
UvA Bachelor's Day 18 March 2017 Register

AUC Open Days

AUC Open Days offer visitors the full experience. Hosted at the academic building on Amsterdam Science Park, the day is designed for prospective students (and parents/guardians) to learn about AUC in its entirety: from dorm tours with AUC students and sample lectures with faculty to one-on-one sessions with admissions officers and discussing individual curriculum plans with the Heads of Studies. If you're curious about what AUC offers, the AUC Open Day is the best opportunity to get receive a holistic view on the academic programme and student life as a UC student in Amsterdam. 

UvA and VU Bachelor Days

Can't attend one of the AUC Open Days? No problem! An initiative of both the Universty of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the AUC programme is also featured at the Bachelor Days of these two institutitons. These information events consist of smaller presentation sessions (usually of around an hour) about the AUC programme and a chance to pose questions to current AUC students, alumni and the Heads of Studies of the various majors. They offer a valuable opportunity to pose questions directly to faculty and students. The UvA Bachelor Days presentation takes place in the AUC academic building, meaning visitors can also get a feel for the AUC campus. 

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