Science students visit CERN and University of Geneva

1 February 2016

A group of 18 AUC students visited the University of Geneva on 14 January 2016 where they attended an interdisciplinary talk on the philosophy of quantum gravity among an audience of physicists, philosophers and mathematicians.

The lecture was given by AUC’s very own Dr. Sebastian de Haro, a Tarner Scholar at Trinity College Cambridge and a senior lecturer in theoretical physics at both AUC and the University of Amsterdam. In a show of education and technology aligning, his lecture on Emergence in Gauge/Gravity Dualities was also livestreamed for a group of students and lecturers at the University of Chicago.

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AUC and Nikhef sponsor students visit to CERN 

On 15 January 2016, the group of AUC students paid a visit to CERN, the largest particle accelerator in the world. On site, they descended 100 meters to see the CMS detector first-hand. The students and group leaders were thoroughly impressed by such an exhilarating visit!

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The trip was part of Symmetries and the Quantum Universe, an upper level science course at AUC, and was sponsored by AUC and Nikhef. Nikhef is the National Institute for Subatomic Physics in the Netherlands. Their research is aimed at particle and astroparticle physics. Scientists and technicians work together on researching the smallest building blocks of matter and the forces that act between them. These minuscule particles are studied in collision processes using large particle accelerators, including those of CERN near Geneva, as well as in interactions of high-energy cosmic particles in the Earth's atmosphere and/or in seawater.

Nikhef is AUC’s neighbour,  located just across the street at the Science Park campus in Amsterdam.

AUC CERN visit 2016,Amsterdam University College visits Cern 2016

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