Statement on educational opportunities for refugees

19 November 2015

AUC statement concerning extending educational opportunities for refugees in the Netherlands

Hundreds of prospective students have unwillingly fled their war torn and devastated home countries and asked refuge in the Netherlands. Although these prospective students have a right to education and are eager to enroll in Dutch higher education institutions, they face many hurdles preventing them from access to and success in higher education.  The AUC community has expressed a desire to respond in a meaningful and tangible manner to the needs of these prospective students. With its institutional commitment to the value of diversity and its international students and staff body, AUC may form a suitable educational environment for their incorporation. AUC will therefore introduce a series of measures to support those who have settled in the Netherlands whose access to education is restricted, possibly in cooperation with other academic institutes and organisation such as UAF (Dutch Foundation for Refugee Students). A programme of work will be developed and announced soon. 
On behalf of the AUC community,
Ramon Puras (Acting Dean)
Sennay Ghebreab (Head of Studies Social Sciences)
Hilla Dayan (College Council)
Ernst van den Hemel (Humanities staff)
Anne de Graaf (Social Science staff)
Tanushree Kausal (Student Council)
Anouk ter Linde (Student Council)
Lisa Maza (Peer supporter, Social Science student)
Michael Vermeer (Graduate Intern)


Published by  Amsterdam University College