Humanistic Buddhism in the Contemporary World

14Dec2017 14:00 - 15:00


What role can Buddhism play in today’s world? The Foguangshan Buddhist monastic order is one of the three largest Taiwanese Buddhist organisations. Founded in 1967, it has an extensive international network of 150-200 temples and religious centres worldwide, and it runs social, medical and educational programs. The Foguangshan order promotes “Humanistic Buddhism” and strives for “Buddhism in this World”. It aims to integrate traditional Buddhist philosophy and practice with modern, everyday life. In this lecture, Venerable Miaoyi will introduce us to Humanistic Buddhism and Foguangshan. She will discuss the history of the order and its activities, and she will explore what solutions Buddhism can offer for today’s problems.


Venerable Miaoyi is a nun at the Foguangshan He Hua Temple in Amsterdam. She was trained at the Foguangshan headquarters near Kaohsiung, Taiwan, and has served in the order’s temples across different continents.

Location:  Common Room
Amsterdam University College
Science Park 113, Amsterdam 1098 XG
Convenor:  Dr. Paramita Paul

Published by  Amsterdam University College