Climate change effects on the poor in Nellore, India

10Oct2017 20:00 - 21:30


The impacts of climate change are not distributed evenly over the surface of the Earth. Although the focus of the lecture will be on India, the issue of global warming disproportionately effecting the poor is a global problem, which can be seen even in economically well-off countries such as the US: recently in Texas and Puerto Rico and earlier in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. This lecture will focus on the case of Nellore, India. The district has been getting hit with increasing frequency by hurricanes that have been growing stronger. The situation for those living in the area, many of who were already in conditions of poverty, continue to worsen as the effects of climate change become more evident. Along with these conditions, this lecture will also discuss governmental response to this increasingly dire situation and what volunteer groups have been doing to assist in providing aid.

Speaker: Titus Marrella is a scholar in English literature, lecturer and volunteer in the district of Nellore. Marrella worked for the "World Leader’s Forum” in Dubai for more social inclusiveness. He started a multi-faith women’s centre to teach women a trade and to help them to become financially independent. He founded a multi-religious NGO in India and is also a reverend of the local Lutheran Protestant Church.
Venue: Room 3.03
Amsterdam University College
Science Park 113, Amsterdam 1098XG
Convenor:  Anna de Graaf

Published by  Amsterdam University College