Who's in Science Park: Amsterdam Science & Business, Startup Village Amsterdam & Anna's Tuin and Ruigte

08Dec2016 12:30 - 14:00


AUC invites you to the academic building to meet some of the great minds behind various initiatives taking place at Amsterdam Science Park. How are they relevant to students, and how might you get involved? Join us at Who's in Town: Science Park to find out more!

Amsterdam Science Park: Science and Business

We have all seen the Connectables (multicolored picnic tables) around Science Park. But who was behind this idea? Amsterdam Science Park: Science and Business (ASP) is the central organisation of all partners at Science Park and manages many activities within ASP. Curious to know what they have in store for the future? One of the managing directors of ASP will be present to reveal more about developments in and around Science Park.

Startup Village Amsterdam

Behind the UvA Faculty of Science, an entrepreneur's paradise seems to have arisen out of nowhere. The Startup Village Amsterdam, founded by ACE Venture Lab, is a coworking space for science based startups. By providing affordable office space for innovative new companies, the Village is certainly one to watch in the coming years! A representative will be present to tell more about the companies in the Village, how you might get involved and to discuss the new event space opening early next year!

Anna's Tuin en Ruigte

The final speaker will be a representative from Anna's Tuin en Ruigte. The large tract of land just across from AUC will be the future sight of Anna’s Tuin! Although still under development, Anna's Tuin will be a place for the community to stimulate biodiversity and actively generate knowledge about nature and alternative agricultural practices. The unique 1,5 hectare piece of the ‘polder’ will become a hub for people passionate about ecology and biodiversity. In a short lecture, the future plans for this interesting new initiative will be explained. 

Speakers: Representatives from Amsterdam Science and Business, Startup Village Amsterdam and Anna's Tuin en Ruigte. 

Common Room
Amsterdam University College
Science Park 113
1098 XG Amsterdam

Convenors:  Stefanie Berendsen and Floris Cobben


Published by  Amsterdam University College