Revolution - Non-violent campaigns, creative peace activism and its impact on our society

22Feb2017 20:00 - 22:00


Why is street art a central element in successful non-violent campaigns? What is the importance of humour when it comes to peacefully demonstrating and resisting? What are the dangers of peace activism and why can someone be arrested for making art? Donald Trump achieved something unique: he united millions of people in America and all around the world to stand up and raise their voices, at demonstration and protest marches, featuring creative signs, posters and humorous slogans. Our Facebook feeds are filled with videos, memes and cartoons that we share and like constantly. The artist community, the progressives, the celebrities - everyone seems to have woken up and bravely speak out in public against hatred, intolerance and discrimination. But does it actually change anything?

Speaker:  Guido de Graaf Bierbrauwer is a programme leader for “Peace Activism 2.0” at the Dutch peace organisation PAX, the largest peace organisation in The Netherlands. PAX aims to connect people to have the courage to stand for peace and to build just and peaceful societies across the globe. Check for more information and
Venue: Common Room
Amsterdam University College
Science Park 113, 1098XG Amsterdam
Convenors:  Art Board & Hands On


Published by  Amsterdam University College