Chaos on Chios: Refugees stuck on a Greek island

19Jan2017 18:00 - 20:00


Less than ten kilometres lie between Turkey and the Greek island Chios, which makes it one of the main entrance points for refugees to Europe. Since the EU-Turkey deal took effect on 20 March, arriving refugees are held on the island for indefinite periods of time. While their asylum applications, which they are forced to file in Greece, are processed, they live in camps under shocking conditions. Last summer, I volunteered in Chios’ refugee camps for three weeks and saw the heart-breaking reality of refugees’ first contact with Europe. I experienced how European politics make people suicidal, I made friends, and I learned how to find smugglers, as well as how to get into Western Europe even if the borders are closed. My growing realisation that more people should know about what is going on right now on the outer borders of Europe is the motivation for this discussion. I filmed interviews and will share stories of personal experiences with you, screen parts of interviews with refugees and volunteers, and show photos, as we listen to the voices of people often spoken on behalf of.

Speaker: Ina Schebler is third-year AUC student graduating in February 2017. Last summer she spent three weeks on the Greek island Chios, volunteering in refugee camps and interviewing people for her Capstone research. For two years, she has been working on various projects with refugees, including the website, which serves as a platform for sharing stories of people who have fled their homes. 
Venue: Common Room
Amsterdam University College
Science Park 113
1098 XG Amsterdam
Convenor: Anne de Graaf

Published by  Amsterdam University College