Freedom of speech / freedom from discrimination: Farewell symposium for Ernst van den Hemel

23Jan2017 18:30 - 20:00


Where does freedom of speech begin and where does freedom from discrimination end? When does one's opinion become hate speech? And, who decides? Confusion about these notions frequently dominates the news. From the Geert Wilders trial, the poll-leading Dutch politician who was recently convicted for having his audience chant a wish for 'less Moroccans', to Russian laws outlawing performances such as those by Pussy Riot in the name of protecting religious sensibilities, from debates concerning blasphemy surrounding cartoons depicting Mohamed to 'Alt-Right' memes ridiculing 'political correctness', and from Black Lives Matter to Pegida, tensions between discrimination and freedom of speech are at the core contemporary debates, court cases, protest movements and even elections. During this evening, we'll unpack the tensions between these two notions. By focusing on political, linguistic, juridical, cultural and gender/race/religious dimensions, speakers will engage with the complicated and conflicting relationship between freedom of speech and freedom from discrimination.


The evening will consist of a 30 minute lecture by Dr. Ernst van den Hemel, and a round table (with students and staff) opened by a 10 minutes response by Dr. Marco de Waard.

Venue: Common Room
Amsterdam University College
Science Park 113
1098 XG Amsterdam
Convenor:  Dr. Alexandra Brown

Published by  Amsterdam University College