AUC Master's application workshops 2017

29Nov2017 13:00 - 14:30

Information event

Faculty and lecturers at AUC will be hosting an afternoon full of workshops focused on assisting third-year students in the various aspects of applying for Master's degrees programmes.

Kick-off and introduction

The event will start with an introduction for all students that includes general tips and "best practices" when completing Master programme applications. The introduction will include both AUC faculty and recent AUC alumni. 

Practical tips for Master's applications

The afternoon will continue with a variety of workshops open to students. In these workshops, third-year students will learn tips on:

  • how to structure CV's for Master's programmes
  • how to find the right person to write a letter of recommendation
  • how to frame your motivation letter so that it highlights the strengths of a liberal arts and sciences degree
  • choosing courses to take at AUC in order to better your chances of getting into certain Master's programmes

Throughout these workshops, AUC alumni will be present to assist in guiding students based on their own recent experiences. 

Workshops on offer

The following topics are open for AUC students to choose from:

  • Master's in sciences
  • Master's in social sciences and humanities
  • Pre-med programmes
  • Pre-law and legal transition programmes


For more information or questions about the AUC Master's application workshop event, please send an email to the adress below. 

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