Science Park Open Day 2017

07Oct2017 12:00 - 17:00


On Saturday, 7 October 2017, from 12.00 to 17.00, the organisations based at Amsterdam Science Park will hold their annual Open Day featuring a mix of activities suitable for all ages. Amsterdam University College, with the help of Jeugdlab, will be hosting a range of activities in and around the academic building.

The Open Day at Amsterdam Science Park is a joint venture of AMOLF, ARCNL, AUC, CWI, Netherlands eScience Center, Nikhef, SURFsara and the UvA Faculty of Science. The Open Day will take place during the Science Weekend (Weekend van de Wetenschap), a nationwide festival with activities in the fields of science and technology. 

Jeugdlab and the "Heroes of Tomorrow"

The theme for the 2017 edition of Amsterdam Science Park Open Day is "Heroes of Tomorrow" (Helden van morgen). Spread across three floors of the AUC building, children of all ages are invited to explore three distinct areas of Jeugdlab: Science Lab, Leeshuis and Kooklab. In each area there is a different focus.

In Science Lab, children will be challenged to examine and understand the impacts of climate change through various experiments and demonstrations. These activities will invite them to become the "Heroes of Tomorrow" by better understanding climate change and the small steps they can do to counter its negative effects.

Always dreamed of becoming a superhero? In Leeshuis, kids are welcome to let their imagination run wild as they develop their own superhero comic to embody the heroes of tomorrow. Finally, in Kooklab, participants will better understand basic properties of nutrition and how, for example, colour influences perceptions of taste. 

Sustainability and the architecture of AUC

Learn what happens when cutting edge design meets principles of urban sustainability by taking an expert guided tour of the AUC building! Designed by Mecanoo architects and realised in 2013, the AUC building has many hidden elements that represent the future of eco-friendly architecture. 

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Please note that this is not an academic Open Day, but rather part of a wider festival focusing on science, technology and the institutes that research or contribute to development in these areas. 

Published by  Amsterdam University College