Testimonials of Sciences students

In the science curriculum, there are ample opportunities to discover interests and to experience sciences in a practical way. A selection of such experiences as well as testimonials of AUC students and faculty can be found here.


Lotte Romijn, AUC student, Class of 2014

"Studying at AUC gave me the opportunity to discover which areas of science I particularly like. I really know now that I want to continue my studies in applied maths and I loved doing a capstone thesis in a subject crossing maths (graph theory) with computer science. In my second year at AUC I went on exchange to the University of Melbourne and had the best time of my life. I met my boyfriend during my exchange and I am currently living in Melbourne again to undertake a Masters program in mathematics at my exchange university. No worries!"

Tobias Schuster, AUC student, Class of 2012

"Most influential on the choice of my courses within my bachelor programme were my curiosity about nature and my fascination for medicine and renewable energies. That doesn’t fit together?! Yes, at AUC it does. Here, I found a common denominator, my major interest: physics. Hence I started my first year with introductory courses in physics and mathematics. In the following years, I continued this path with an intensive Physics Lab and courses in Dynamic Systems, Programming, Thermodynamics, Quantum Mechanics and Complex Functions. I enjoyed AUC's excellent and dedicated teachers in intensive courses with hardly ever more than a dozen students."

Paul van Baal, AUC student, Class of 2014

"I chose AUC because of it’s focus on science and the international city. The sciences tracks at AUC offer a wide range of different disciplines and I liked this. I am currently studying for my Master of Science in Energy Engineering at EPF in Lausanne, Switzerland. I am noticing that the broad knowledge of sciences and academic skills that I acquired at AUC are a good preparation for this!"

Saskia Hendriks, AUC student, Class of 2012

"When I finished high school, I did not want to be pinned down to one specific subject. Because of this, I decided not to study medicine, even though I already had a strong interest in medicine at the time. The sciences, which have over the past decades taken giant leaps forward, and simultaneously have become increasingly specialised, need an interdisciplinary approach now more than ever. This in order not to lose contact with the other disciplines and with the problems at hand. For this reason, I figured a Liberal Arts and Sciences approach would be a valuable addition to a biomedical sciences education. While studying at AUC I did an extended internship at the Academic Medical Center, Department of Reproductive Medicine. After AUC, I have been pursuing a Master degree in medicine. Although I did not obtain a Bachelor degree in medicine with my studies at AUC, it did provide me with a strong biomedical background."

Tobias Rijken, AUC student, Class of 2013

"I chose for the science track at AUC for two reasons. On the one hand I admire the beauty of pure mathematics and on the other hand I see a great value in the applications of more applied sciences, such as computer science and biology. The marriage between these disciplines, I believe, yields to results of a high impact. AUC’s curriculum is inherently interdisciplinary and allows you to study the exciting fields where different disciplines meet, such as bioinformatics and artificial intelligence. I am now doing an MSc in Computational Statistics and Machine Learning at UCL, but I noticed early in the programme that the programme by itself is too narrow for me. Nevertheless, it is a great programme and it helps me to deepen my knowledge of Machine Learning. After this I want to broaden my horizon again and I will try to apply machine learning to other disciplines. I am looking at interdisciplinary research labs or technology companies that focus on cutting edge research."

Dr. Ir. Bart Verheggen, AUC lecturer

"I’m teaching several earth and climate science courses (System Earth, theme courses Energy, Climate & Sustainability (the climate sections) and Atmospheric Sciences). My research has mostly been in atmospheric sciences and its relevance to climate change, so I can frequently share some anecdotes from my own research in my teaching. It is a joy to teach at AUC, since most students are very eager to learn and truly interested in the subject. This –together with knowledgeable and motivated colleagues- creates a very inspirational academic environment."

Excursions and laboratory courses

In recent years AUC students made excursions to Cern, the European laboratory for particle physics near Geneva, Switzerland, and visited the synchrotron and nuclear reactor facilities at ESRF/ILL in Grenoble. Other students went to the southernmost part of The Netherlands to study the last 300 million years of Earth history, and yet others traveled to the island of Texel to examine coastal environment change and beach management. Aside from excursions, AUC offers laboratory courses where students can put their knowledge into practice.

Students visit the synchrotron and nuclear reactor facilities ESRF/ILL in Grenoble, France.

Visit to CERN.

Sciences at AUC

Geology Ecology excursion (Zuid Limburg).

Students experiment during the course Energy, Climate, Sustainability

Patience is necessary before success -- students during a laboratory course found a solution.

Sciences at AUC

Biology excursion.

Sciences at AUC

Searching Brachiopod fossils.

Sciences at AUC

System Earth excursion.

Published by  Amsterdam University College

23 December 2016