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Do you have questions about life at AUC, the dorms or just want to know how it feels to be an AUC student? Get in touch with Andy Daab or Robin de Rijk, recent AUC graduates, who can tell you more about the AUC campus, dorms, academic programme and  can answer questions regarding other topics about life at AUC! 

Daab, Andy

Andy O. Daab, Class of 2017

Andy O. Daab, Class of 2017, Social Sciences Major

"When applying to Bachelor's degree programmes, academic excellence and opportunity for social engagement were main factors. On the one hand, I wanted to follow my passion for finance and economics, while on the other, there was a profound interest for international affairs and diplomacy. Many of the programmes I got offered, some at top universities, only focused on either one or the other, leaving little time or space for extracurricular engagements. In the end I turned them down because AUC is a programme founded by two top global universities that allowed me to study my fields of interest in depth simultaneously and be involved in my community. At AUC, I had the chance to combine my interests, eventually graduating with a focus in economic policy and human rights. Beyond my academics, I served as Vice President and Treasurer of the student association, as well as Secretary of the Alumni Association. The Diversity Commission was also a passion project of mine, which is now flourishing under new leadership. AUC allowed me to become a young expert in my field and learn about the value of leadership and community."

Rijk, Robin de

Robin de Rijk, Class of 2017

Robin de Rijk, Class of 2017, Social Sciences Major

“I chose to study at AUC because it provided me with the opportunity to explore a variety of academic interests within an international environment. When finishing high school I knew that I wanted to focus on Social Sciences. However, my interests were in more than just one field. AUC’s liberal arts and sciences bachelor programme enabled me to study both of my interests, law and international relations, at the honours level. The interdisciplinary aspect of AUC has allowed me to adopt a broader perspective when analyzing current issues; a crucial skill I believe I would not have obtained had I chosen a more rigid study programme only focusing on one field. While more universities in the Netherlands offer a liberal arts and sciences bachelor's programme, AUC stands out for me because of its international and inclusive atmosphere. Having attended international schools for the majority of my childhood years I was adamant to find a university that is welcoming to international students and operates as a close-knit community. After my three years at AUC I can positively say that AUC provides a diverse environment that is inclusive to international students. Additionally, the AUC student body is indeed a very close-knit community, partly due to on-campus living arrangements, but also because of the abundance of activities offered by the AUC Student Association and its committees. Even outside of AUC, I found myself in a multicultural and international environment, as Amsterdam—a cosmopolitan city—is one of the most diverse cities I have lived in."

Published by  Amsterdam University College

18 May 2018