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Do you have questions about life at AUC, the dorms or just want to know how it feels to be an AUC student? Get in touch with Stefanie Berendsen, a recent AUC graduate, who can tell you more about the AUC campus, dorms, academic programme and  can answer questions regarding other topics about life at AUC! 

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Floris Cobben, Class of 2016

Floris Cobben, Class of 2016, Social Sciences Major

"I chose to study at AUC because I was looking for an international programme that would challenge me academically. I finished high school with a mainly scientific background, but I wanted to change the direction of my studies. AUC offered me an immense choice of courses so I could explore all my interests. Studying at AUC has definitely exceeded my expectations, not just academically, but also socially. The AUC student community is incredibly friendly and active, making the campus a great place both to live and to study."

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Stefanie Berendsen, Class of 2016

Stefanie Berendsen, Class of 2016, Sciences Major

“In high school I had been an active student with broad interests, so a choice between all the different study programmes seemed impossible for me. Not only did I want my study programme to offer the opportunity to explore different fields, I also wanted to live in an international environment, have a great social life and participate in extracurricular activities. AUC met and surpassed my wishes: after having explored different fields (physics, economics, international relations) I found my passion for the environmental sciences. The student dorms guarantee a vibrant social life in an international community; all that in beautiful Amsterdam! As a member of  the board of AUC's student association, I was also able to participate in and facilitate numerous extracurricular opportunities for myself and fellow students; from writing journal articles to running a bar!"

Published by  Amsterdam University College

17 February 2017