Life in Amsterdam

A big city in a small package

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands, and a famous global city with a cosmopolitan and multicultural atmosphere. You might be surprised to learn that it is actually quite small, with just 800.000 inhabitants and measuring about 13 km (9 miles) across.

This makes Amsterdam a unique and welcoming city, easy to get to know and easy to get around (especially if you ‘go native' and buy or rent a bike!).

Therefore Amsterdam offers the advantages of a big city--culture, entertainment, good public transport, international shops and facilities, history and heritage--combined with the benefits of a small city--friendly and safe atmosphere, not too much traffic, and only a short journey to wherever you need to go.

Amsterdam is also (relatively) quick to reach from almost any spot on the globe, as Schiphol airport is one of the largest international airports in the world.

Amsterdam is brimming with creativity, innovative character and trading spirit, and has proved itself to be an attractive city for international investment throughout the centuries, from the Golden Age up till today. One of the 'top cities' in Europe, Amsterdam is recognised as a European knowledge hub - a key player in the global economy, at the forefront of international industry, business and financial services, with high levels of talent and excellent connections to the rest of the world.

Amsterdam is a living, thriving and forward-looking city, with a large population of highly educated young professionals and students. In its picturesque streets the latest trends and technologies happily rub shoulders with its historic past, and you will quickly discover that there is a lot more to the Dutch than tulips and clogs.

Amsterdam has it all

Whether you want to study in a city full of museums, art galleries and theatres, or one offering a vibrant nightlife and fantastic shopping. Whether you are looking for cosy pubs, literary cafés and tranquil parks, or want to move to a global business hub and international knowledge centre. Whether you want to experience a city with a rich and complex historic heritage, or one full of young people and cutting-edge trends: Amsterdam is the place for you.

Published by  Amsterdam University College

11 April 2017