FAQ: What are themes?

The AUC themes examine complex and far-reaching questions in today's world that require the integration of insights from different fields of knowledge. The six themes are:

  • Energy, Climate and Sustainability
  • Life, Evolution, Universe
  • Health and Well-being
  • Information, Communication, Cognition
  • Social Systems (peace & conflict; equality, inequality & diversity; market & regulation)
  • Cities and Cultures
You select a theme at the end of your first semester, and take an introductory course. This course will introduce you to some of the issues and research questions that are relevant to that theme, and explain how different fields of knowledge contribute to it.

Your theme then becomes the background to your choice of major in the sciences, humanities or social sciences. Your theme will guide you through the curriculum and will help you make a good choice of courses from the wide array of disciplines within the AUC curriculum.

28 August 2012