FAQ: Do I need to bring my own laptop?

All the ICT facilities at AUC, such as a wireless network throughout the academic building, have been set up to enable students to use their own laptops for their studies. There are, therefore, no computer rooms with PCs for student use in the AUC academic building. Therefore, AUC students are expected to bring their own laptops.

Are you thinking of buying a new laptop for your studies? Or perhaps someone wants to buy you one as a gift? Please find below our suggested specifications.

Suggested laptop specifications

General Laptop not older than two years
Operating System* Microsoft Windows 7 or 8
CPU Intel Core i5 or i7 (or better)


Intel 6300 802.11a (5GHz band)

Factors such as weight, monitor display size, or multimedia capability are entirely your personal choice. You will probably be carrying this laptop everywhere you go for the next three years, so we recommend you ensure you have an extended three-year warranty. It is highly recommended that you regularly backup your vital laptop data on to a USB key, External Hard Drive or similar storage device.

* Because the network services at AUC are primarily Windows-based, the technical support that can be offered is also focused on Windows-based platforms.

Almost all lessons and recommended software used at AUC can, with a bit of effort, be run on Apple devices (i.e. MacBook, iMac, Mac Pro), but AUC cannot offer any official technical support for these platforms. Therefore, Macs and other Apple products should only be used if you are already sufficiently independent and comfortable with working on the hardware and associated software. 

11 May 2015