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All information relevant for current students can be found on Blackboard. Here, we highlight the AUC Writing Centre.

AUC Writing Centre

Welcome to the AUC Writing Centre. The Centre is here to help you with any aspect of your writing, from specific assignments, general writing skills to ESL (English as a Second Language) support. The Centre is staffed by AUC’s highly skilled academic writing team, who also teach the Academic Writing Skills and Advanced Research Writing courses. Please note that the Writing Centre has been established to help you further improve your writing. This means that it is not an editing service: you cannot make an appointment and ask the instructor to proofread your work. To learn more about who we are and what we do, please read on. 

AUC’s Writing Centre instructors

Lotte Tavecchio

Lotte Tavecchio is the Coordinator of the AUC Writing Centre and teaches Advanced Research Writing at AUC. She holds a PhD in English Linguistics and has more than 14 years of experience in teaching TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and EAP (English for Academic Purposes). She really enjoys helping students improve any aspect of their writing or writing habits, from brainstorming and creating outlines, to working on grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and paragraph structure, and developing self-editing skills.  

Jonathan Gill

Jonathan Gill teaches Writing and Humanities at AUC. He was previously the Associate director of Composition at Columbia University and the Director of Freshman Writing at Fordham University. The author of the best-selling Harlem: The Four Hundred Year History, he specializes in history and biography and is especially passionate about English sentence structure, in particular the five major uses of the comma!

Denise Lang

Denise Lang teaches Academic Writing at AUC. She was previously an instructor at the State University of New York, and worked for the writing centre at Carleton University. She has more than five years of experience in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), as well as research and development in English education, pedagogy and assessments. With additional specialisations in professional development, she also trains assessors on how to analyse and assess speaking proficiency.

Appointments / drop-ins

  • You can book a 45-minute appointment in advance through our online scheduling system (‘Book an Appointment’). You can make an appointment seven days in advance and have to do so at least 24 hours in advance. If you're unable to attend a booked appointment, you must cancel it, using the online scheduling system, at least two hours in advance.
  • You can also stop by for a drop-in session (no appointment necessary). Drop-in sessions are 20-minutes long, so make sure to come with a focused question. Check the sign-up sheet on the door of the Writing Centre (Room 2.24) for availability. First come, first served.
  • When you book an appointment online, you are asked to provide a brief description of your question/problem.
  • You have to bring your text – preferably a printout, but otherwise your laptop – to the Writing Centre. You do not have to send the draft in advance; you only bring it to the meeting.
  • After the appointment, you have to write a brief reflection in which you describe what you focused on and what you learned. If your teacher referred you to the writing centre, he/she will also receive this reflection.

What we can do for students

You can make a 45-minute individual appointment or stop by for a 20-minute drop-in session to discuss issues such as the following:

  • Getting started, organising ideas, improving style
  • Improving the overall structure of the essay/paper, coherence, development of the argument
  • Using particular referencing styles (APA, MLA, CSE, Numbered References)
  • Gaining insight into the conventions and style of different types of writing, such as essays, research papers, abstracts, research proposals, but also CVs, cover letters and application essays
  • Strategies for overcoming writer’s block
  • Becoming a more effective editor of your own writing
  • Making an analysis of recurring grammatical errors and referring you to self-study tools
  • Capstone students can also make appointments at the Writing Centre
  • ESL support: the Writing Centre also provides specific support to students who write in English as a Second Language (ESL). The instructor can work with you on grammar, punctuation and vocabulary (vocabulary expansion and word use).

Please note that the Writing Centre has been established to help you further improve your writing. This means that it is not an editing service: you cannot make an appointment and ask the instructor to proofread your work. 

What we can do for teachers

  • Teachers can also refer students to the Writing Centre. They can, for instance, do this when they see that the student’s writing needs work, but do not have the time to provide detailed feedback or when they do not know exactly what could be improved about the writing.
  • If a teacher refers a student to the Writing Centre, the teacher will receive a copy of the reflection that the student has to write after the appointment, so that he/she knows what the student worked on in the appointment.

Writing Centre workshops

The Writing Centre offers workshops on a variety of communication-related topics throughout the semester. Developed and presented by our writing specialists, they are designed to help students engage with a particular topic through participation and practice. Check the AUC newsletter, LCD screens and Blackboard for an overview of the fall semester workshops and information on how to register for the workshops.

Other services for current students

Current students can find information on all of the following on Blackboard:

  • Academic matters
  • Financial matters
  • Student Life & Well-Being
  • Computer and ICT
  • Frequently Asked Questions

UvA Job Board and Career Services

Use your UvAnetID to log-in and view internship and job listings for AUC and UvA students. You can also find the contact information of the UvA Career Services centre to learn more about the support services available to you or to make an appointment for further advice.

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6 February 2018