You will sign a campus contract with DUWO and rent your accommodation direct from them for the duration of your studies at AUC. The rent includes an advance towards service costs, e.g. your utilities such as electricity and water (collective and individual), cleaning of public spaces, rubbish collection, and contents insurance. Each year DUWO will calculate your actual service costs: if you have paid too much, you will get a refund. If you have paid too little, you will be charged the difference.

Internet, telephone and/or television services are not included in your rent, and you have to pay for these separately. Connections are available in each unit and the services are provided by the company Lybrandt. Various combinations are available: a packet with just TV and internet, for example, currently costs EUR 26.95 per month.

You also have to pay the municipal taxes for your unit. These are currently around EUR 355 per year for a one-person household: students with a low income may be eligible to have these fees waived. You must also buy a one-off municipal housing permit (currently around EUR 33).

Additionally, please take into consideration that the units are completely unfurnished, so you will also have to invest in furniture and kitchen equipment/appliances.

Shared units in the student residences are the cheapest, and the single units are the most expensive. If you live in a single unit, it will cost an estimated EUR 4080 to EUR 4440 per year (or EUR 340 to EUR 370 per month), including rent/service costs and the costs for internet/TV and municipal taxes. This is calculated under the assumption that you will receive a rent benefit (huurtoeslag). Without a rent benefit, a single unit in the AUC student residences costs between EUR 460 and EUR 485 per month.

Published by  Amsterdam University College

25 October 2016