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Amsterdam University College (AUC) considers increasing diversity one of its most important goals. Different approaches, ideas, and values are integral to the creation of a vibrant and challenging learning environment. The AUC Scholarship Fund aims to significantly extend the scholarships available to diversity candidates through the ASF Diversity Award Programme (DAP). Students with minority backgrounds from all over the Netherlands are encouraged to apply.

ASF-DAP Scholarship amounts

Up to six new students are selected each year for an ASF-DAP award worth EUR 5000 annually.

Are you eligible to apply?

If you are from the Netherlands, you have a non-western migration background and you intend to start your studies at AUC in February 2018, then you are eligible to enter the 2018 competition for an ASF-DAP award. 

  • “From the Netherlands” means that you are living in the Netherlands and attending secondary school here. You do not need to have Dutch nationality.
  • “Non-western migration background” means that at least one of your parents was born in any country in Africa, Latin America or Asia (excluding Indonesia and Japan, but including Turkey).

The ASF-DAP awards are purely merit-based, meaning you do not have to demonstrate financial need and there is no family income threshold. Your chances of success in the competition for an ASF-DAP award will be higher if you have excellent school results, but will also depend on the strength of your letter of motivation and your presentation to the Selection Committee.

Please see the links in the left-hand menu for admission requirements for AUC and how to apply. Don’t forget, you cannot be entered for an ASF-DAP award if you have not also submitted a complete application for admission to AUC!


The deadline for applying for an ASF-DAP scholarship for the 2017-2018 academic years has passed. The online application form for ASF-DAP scholarships for students looking to start their studies at AUC in February 2018 will be available in September 2017. 

How to apply?

The online application form for ASF-DAP scholarships for a February 2018 start will be available under this section of the website in September 2017.

Submit your motivation letter

In your letter (one A4 page maximum), please:

  • clearly explain your motivation to apply for the ASF-DAP award
  • describe your extracurricular activities
  • demonstrate how you intend to contribute to AUC’s community 
  • and what your proven leadership qualities are 

The ASF-DAP scholarship is merit based, awarded on the basis of grades, motivation letter and presentation (it is not based on financial need, in contrast to the ASF scholarship). Clearly mark all documents as belonging to an ASF-DAP Award application and ensure each document contains your full name, contact telephone number and email address.

Selection procedure 

Candidates will be invited to present their plans and ambitions in person to the AUC Scholarship Fund Selection Committee, consisting of representatives from among the sponsors and AUC. The Selection Committee will make a recommendation to the AUC Scholarship Fund Board, who will select the ASF-DAP Award recipients. The decision of the AUC Scholarship Fund Board is final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.


  • Selected candidates will be invited to present their plans and ambitions in person to the ASF Selection Committee at the end of April 2017.
  • Candidates will be notified if they are to receive an ASF-DAP Award or not in May 2017.
  • The ASF-DAP Awards will be paid to the students in 12 monthly instalments, starting in the first month of their AUC studies.

Do not wait until you hear if you have been offered a place at AUC or not before sending your application for an ASF-DAP Award, as you may miss the application deadline.

Conditions for receiving the ASF-DAP Award

  • The ASF-DAP Awards will be paid only to recipients who are fully admitted to Amsterdam University College and become fully registered AUC students.
  • The ASF-DAP Award cannot be transferred to another academic year or to another academic programme.
  • An ASF-DAP Award recipient may not also receive an ASF Scholarship

Conditions for maintaining the ASF-DAP Award

The award is extended to the second and third year, based on an evaluation of academic standing at the end of each academic year. It is not extended automatically. ASF-DAP Award holders must meet the following requirements:

  • ASF-DAP Award holder must maintain good academic standing: they are expected to have a GPA of at least 3.0 and preferably to be on the excellence list (GPA ≥3.5). The ASF-DAP Award may be terminated if their GPA falls below 3.0, if they enter a period of academic probation or if they have to end their studies before graduating.
  • ASF-DAP award holder receives a positive recommendation at the end of the academic year from his/her tutor and the Board of Examiners.
  • It is expected that ASF-DAP Award holder will participate in activities with AUC sponsors and other AUC contacts, including the AUC alumni network. The ASF-DAP Award may be terminated if the holder unreasonably refuses to participate in such activities.
  • ASF-DAP Award holder who fails to meet the conditions will have to refund the Award. If an ASF-DAP Award holder decides to quit studying at AUC without graduating, the payments already received by the holder must be reimbursed to the AUC Scholarship Fund in full.


For general questions regarding ASF-DAP scholarships, please contact the AUC Scholarship Fund using the link below.

Published by  Amsterdam University College

24 April 2017