Code of Conduct Honours IIS Courses

Code of Conduct IIS Honours courses

The Honours Programme is offered to talented and motivated students who meet the requirements. The programme is particularly designed to develop academic and leadership skills. Moreover it offers students to participate actively in the society and develop themselves personally.

To obtain these goals, the IIS expects a specific study attitude of the participants of a seminar. The IIS will on his turn try to create an inspiring environment in which the Honours student can perform optimally. Since the Honours courses of the IIS are open to UvA, VU and AUC students with different study cultures and backgrounds, We believe it to be a particularly important that students know and endorse the IIS Code of Conduct.

What does the IIS expect from you as a Honours student?


  • The consequence of registration for an IIS Honours course is participation, doing all the assignments and complete the course.
  • You will give full attention and spend enough time to all the assignments
  • You are interested and have an active learning attitude
  • You will participate actively in the group and subgroups.
  • You take a critical and independent position


  • Only with a legitimate reason you can be absent at one of the meetings. You will inform your teacher on time via e-mail.
  • You honour agreements like lecture times, deadlines of assignments and meetings with subgroups
  • You will make assignment (individual and in groups) independently and punctually
  • When you have questions or doubts, you will contact you lecturer immediately
  • When problems arise, try to solve them with others in a constructive way.


  • Your teacher is your guide. You approach him/her with respect
  • You treat guest lecturers as guests of the IIS
  • Fellow students are your team mates who stimulate you and who you stimulate.
  • This respect for lecturers, guest and fellow students will show in your attitude and behavior.

What can you expect of the IIS?


  • An interesting programme
  • The possibility to obtain extra credits and an Honours distinction.
  • Room for your initiative, exploration and creativity
  • Attention for the development of your social and communicative skills
  • Attention for you academic and personal development.


  • Lecturers who inspire and stimulate you
  • Lecturers who are interested in you as a person
  • Lecturers who can give proper and constructive feedback on your learning process.


  • Fast and adequate communication about cases concerning your course
  • Personal support and help for cases that refer directly or indirectly to the course


When the student does not comply to (elements of) this code of conduct, the IIS considers to take measures.

In extreme cases the following sanctions can be enforced:

  • The student will be excluded from the Honours course
  • The student will be denied entry to other Honours courses of the IIS

In SIS (UvA registration system) the result 0 will be registered and the Board of Examiners will inform the student’s study programme about this result.

Published by  Amsterdam University College

3 July 2015