The AUC themes examine complex and far-reaching questions in today's world that require the integration of insights from different fields of knowledge. The six themes are:

You select a theme within your intended major in your first semester, and take an introductory ‘theme course’. This course will introduce you to a range of disciplines within your intended major and the contributions of different fields of knowledge. The course will also introduce some of the issues and research questions that are relevant to the theme you have selected.

Your chosen theme then becomes the background to your choice of major in the sciences, humanities or social sciences. Your theme will guide you through the curriculum and will help you make course choices from the wide array of disciplines within the AUC curriculum.

You will be able to use the knowledge and skills you have acquired in your introductory theme course during your second and third years at AUC to make informed contributions to debates in a number of your classes. The different themes that you and your fellow students have followed allow you to bring a variety of insights to the discussion.

You return to the theme itself in an advanced course in your third and final year. There you will be reunited with students who have likely followed the same theme but may have followed very different paths through the programme to your own. You will debate problems and research issues together and, often, with the contribution of guest speakers in specialist fields.

Published by  Amsterdam University College

11 April 2017