Student Experiences

Below you will find some examples of community projects and internships that AUC students have done in the past.

Student experiences

The pictures and images below give an impression of the variety of projects in which AUC students participate when completing their Community Project or Internship.

Community project Alina Berendsen

During the summer of 2012, Alina Berendsen worked for four months with the "Regional Coordination Unit for HIV & Tuberculosis" (ReCHT) of the "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH" (giz) in Accra, Ghana. While the first half of her internship was about the organization of "Ghana's 1st International Conference on Pandemics" (the organizing team can be seen on the picture), she spent the other two months with research for my Capstone on the topic of environmental management among artisans in industrial zones in Ashanti-Bekwai, located in the western region of Ghana.

Community project Jia Xu

Jia XU did her community project in Shangri-La, Yunnan, China. I worked in Gudao Inn as a volunteer. Among other things, she was in charge of managing reservations and orders from different websites.

Community project Laura Loonstein

At Heritage of Pride Inc. (NYC Pride) there is a common goal: advocating LGBT rights in the interest of pursuing equality and freedom from discrimination. As an Intern Laura Loonstein was tasked with devising marketing strategies to promote the official Pride events, as well as raise public awareness by coordinating and ameliorating the various social media platforms of the organization. Highlights included contributing to the organization of the Pride March Press conference, interviewing sponsors and distinguished guests.On this picture she is directing the order of go at the 2012 NYC Pride March on Fifth Avenue. There were around 2 million spectators.

Community project Markus Kaistra

Markus Kaistra worked with the Burmese Migrant Workers Education Committee, a community-based organization that organizes and advocates education for Burmese migrants in Thailand. He taught English in one of the organization’s schools and explored the administrative work while supporting the office staff in various ways.

Jonas Prinzleve

Jonas Prinzleve fulfilled his internship for the UNESCO in West Africa. After two weeks in Benin, he worked three weeks for the Senegalese commission. During his internship, he gained countless insights and had many adventures that have made this internship a once in a lifetime experience.

Schuitemaker, Renske

Renske Schuitemaker workd in a house for former Street children of Manilla, in the Philippines. She lived with them, and gave them singing and sports classes. It was emotionally tough to work with them; it's unbelievable what those children have been through. Nevertheless, they gave Renske so much energy and inspiration in return that it was more than worth it. It was a life-changing experience.

Internship Elisa Rodenburg

During my internship for Amsterdam’s City Archives, Elisa Rodenburg helped setting up an exhibition of paintings and drawings. In this picture, with me on the background, experts from the restoration department are checking loans from museums. The internship helped me greatly in developing practical skills for both art history and history.

Fayette Klaassen

Fayette Klaasen did her Community Project in January 2012. She went to Casablanca to aid in the establishment of a new branch of Anglia Network Europe in Morocco. The aim of the branch is to encourage English education - in primary and secondary schools, as well as higher education and private language courses. Besides visiting schools to promote the program, she aided in developing a Teacher Training program - a program for young, starting teachers that teach English. she taught some parts of this class as well. The picture shows Fayette together with the first participants of the program.

June 2011

Victoria with the children she examined during her internship

Vicki La Bella taught Mathematics and English to underprivileged children in Indonesia through educational games.

Martijn Hagoort durnig his internship

Martijn Hagoort interviewed - with the aid of an interpreter - the Chief Prosecutor of the Prosecutor's Office of Bosnia-Herzegovina for research on the implications of the presence of the international community in Bosnia-Herzegovina after the war of 1992-1995.

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17 July 2017