AUC's Curriculum Circle

AUC offers a liberal arts and sciences programme, with courses in and across the natural sciences, humanities and social sciences. Discussions start from big questions in science and society and lead to in-depth study in a wide range of disciplines.

Major and theme

At the end of your first semester, you select one of the six AUC themes as an orientation for your choice of major. These themes examine complex and far-reaching questions in science and society that require the integration of insights from different fields of knowledge.

You choose your major at the end of your first year (humanities, social sciences, or sciences), and you take courses relating to your major in your second and third years.

Electives and other subject areas

At the same time, part of your programme is reserved for freely chosen elective courses, where you have room to explore other interests and broaden your education.

You therefore follow your own individual path through the subject areas towards the centre of the circle, guided by your theme and major, and continuing to take Academic Core courses to polish your academic skills. In your third and final year you then return to your theme for an advanced course.

Capstone experience

Finally, you round off your Bachelor programme with the capstone experience. The capstone experience is designed for your to recap the knowledge you have gained during your time at AUC, and to incorporate that into a thesis on a topic of your choosing.

Designing your individual programme

You therefore have several options to design your own programme in accordance with your personal interests. Your individual path through to the centre of the curriculum circle will also be influenced by a number of factors, including:

  • your choice of theme and major (and the requirements of your chosen major)
  • Academic Core requirements: all AUC students have to take a set of Academic Core courses
  • general degree requirements for graduation: for example, all AUC students have to take at least one course in the sciences, the humanities and the social sciences
  • your future ambitions: if you plan to go on to a particular Master programme, you may need to include certain courses in your AUC programme

Published by  Amsterdam University College

1 August 2017