Intercultural competences

In accordance with the best traditions of a liberal arts college, the AUC programme embodies a broad education, which encourages personal reflection and critical engagement. AUC is not just about taking courses and developing your intellectual skills, it is also about your personal and social development.

No matter which major you choose, you will improve your foreign language skills, and you will develop your abilities to interact with people from different social and cultural backgrounds. You will also have opportunities to study abroad and/or take up an international internship.

AUC's location in the multicultural city of Amsterdam provides the perfect environment for a programme that will emphasise European and world issues rather than more traditional national ones. AUC is an international college, with students of many different nationalities and from a variety of backgrounds, and our programme is built around themes and topics that are essential to understanding the world today and the processes shaping it, such as urbanisation, technological development, democratisation, migration and religion.

Published by  Amsterdam University College

16 June 2015