AUC's professional staff

Services & Communications

Marcus Smit

Marcus Smit is team leader of the Services & Communications support staff, and AUC's internationalisation officer. Marcus was employed as a Student Exchange Adviser at the central international office of the UvA before coming to work full-time at AUC in 2014. Originally trained as a sociologist, Marcus has always had great interest in themes surrounding diversity, education, global migration and integration.

Ben Garstka

Ben Garstka is one of AUC's Communications Assistants. Originally from the US, Ben moved to the Netherlands for his Master’s degree at Utrecht University, interned for the Prince Claus Fund, worked as an editor and learned Dutch. Ben joined AUC's communications team in January 2015. 

Nora McLeese

Nora McLeese is one of AUC's Communications Assistants. Half-Dutch and Half-American, she holds a Master’s degree  in Journalism from London College of Communications and a Master’s degree in New Media and Digital Culture from the University of Amsterdam. Prior to moving to Amsterdam, she worked for several tech startups in London, focusing on content management and social media. Nora joined AUC’s communications team in February 2016.

Stefanie Berendsen

Stefanie Berendsen is one of AUC’s Graduate Interns. She graduated from AUC in July 2016 with a major in Science (environmental sciences track). During her time at AUC, she represented AUC students in the board of AUC’s student association as a treasurer. She furthermore was a member of the executive board of the University College Student Representatives of the Netherlands, a collaborative organisation between all Dutch University Colleges. She joined the team in August 2016.  

Floris Cobben

Floris Cobben is one of AUC’s Graduate Interns. He graduated from AUC in July 2016 with a major in Social Sciences. During his time at AUC, he represented AUC students in the board of AUC’s student association as the president. Floris now works with the communications team and outreach coordinator in developing new projects and maintaining contact with the wider community, alumni and a variety of AUC's stakeholders.  

Student Life Officer

Vinika Porwal 

Vinika Porwal is AUC's Student Life Officer. Originally from the US, Vinika earned a BSc in Journalism from Northwestern University and a MEd from Penn State University. Prior to joining AUC's staff in October 2015, Vinika worked in student life at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and as an Interim Exchange Officer at Erasmus University College. Her interests include diversity education, leadership development and magazine writing.

Admissions & Registrar

Cas Evers

Cas Evers is team leader of the Admissions and Registrar support staff. He is AUC's Admissions Officer and also works in student administration and as SIS Local Coordinator. Cas is an UvA graduate (Master in Political Science, 2012) and worked at the Student Desk and in the student administration at the UvA Faculty of Law before joining the AUC support staff team in 2013.

Bob Kardolus

Bob Kardolus is AUC's Management Assistant, working in admissions and student administration. With a varied professional background in human resources, immigration and relocation, administration, translating and interpreting (Japanese-English-Dutch), language training and clog dancing, Bob has always worked with a combination of languages, legislation, procedures, communication and practical matters. Previously, he has worked at the Japanese School of Amsterdam and Kyocera Mita Europe, among others. He joined AUC in January 2010.

Annelies van Wezel

Annelies joined AUC as the secretary of the Board of Examiners in May 2015. She recently moved back to the Netherlands after having lived in both the UK and the US working at research libraries and universities.

Marlies van Daalen

Marlies is AUC's Admissions Assistant, supporting the admissions department since April 2016. Marlies joined AUC from the UvA/HvA Administration Centre within the team responsible for tuition payments. 

Mohamed Bel Fquih

Mohamed is the local SIS Coordinator at AUC.  Mohamed is an Inholland graduate (Bachelor of Education degree in Humanities and Social Sciences) and former employee of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in the Faculty of Education. After his time at AUAS, he decided to study further in order to pursue a career in IT. Upon completing his training, he worked for a couple of years at the HvA/UvA ICTS department as a Technical Support Engineer before joining the AUC support staff team in 2017.

College Secretary

Nadia de Vries

Nadia de Vries joined AUC as College Secretary in July 2016. She holds an MA in English Literature from the University of Amsterdam, and is currently an external PhD-student at ASCA. Her research project, tentatively titled From Data to Dust, focuses on the aestheticisation of death in web-based cultures. Besides academia, Nadia also writes poetry, and enjoys curating literary events in Amsterdam and beyond.

HRM, AUC Scholarship Fund and Finance

Archana Ramdihal

Archana Ramdihal is AUC's Human Resources (HR) Assistant. Until 2015, Archana worked at AUC in the Registrar's Office, was the Secretary for the Board of Examiners and the SIS local coordinator. She obtained her BA in Educational Studies (PABO) at the Hogeschool Rotterdam in 2008. After completing her BA, she studied at the University of Leiden where she completed her BA and MA in Educational Studies, with a concentration in Learning in Professional Contexts. After working as a teacher at a primary school, Archana joined AUC in 2011. 

Wiebe Stuive

Wiebe Stuive is the Financial Officer for AUC and the ASF Scholarship Fund. Prior to AUC, he worked at the UvA/HvA Administration Centre, where he was a part of the project administration team. His experience includes years of working in a financial role for various companies in the Netherlands and Spain, playing guitar in a rock band and clowning. He joined AUC’s support staff in March 2017.

Ernst Jonker

Ernst Jonker is AUC's Financial Controller, and works at the UvA's Administrative Centre.

Facilities Housemasters

Jaap Boertje and Gerrol Hoogvliets are AUC’s Facilities Housemasters. They are responsible for the day-to-day running of the Academic Building.

Published by  Amsterdam University College

25 July 2017